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About Us

We are an integrated professional services firm serving the real estate and alternative investments industries. Our clients include owners, builders and operators of real estate as well as investors, general partners, limited partners and fund managers.

Through application of our wide-ranging expertise, market knowledge, and measured results, the GPG Managed Services’ team will help our clients:

  • Refine and optimize business processes and services
  • Mine and organize information in support of critical decision making
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and technology
  • Implement proven solutions
  • Increase tenant satisfaction and profitability

In short, we deliver increased portfolio value and asset performance by helping your company implement effective management and risk mitigation strategies.

Carrier Offloading

Providing better cell service inside buildings is often a challenge. Typically, the solution requires investment in cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS) or cellular repeaters and the like. If you have a Wi-Fi infrastructure, carrier offloading provides a solution that enables the cellular customers of our partners to use your Wi-Fi for voice and data service on their phone. Not only does this solution provide better cellular service to your property, but Carrier Offloading also provides a source of revenue. We’ve partnered with cellular carriers representing over 35% of the cellular customers in the United States and are in the process of adding more.

  • Carrier Offloading transitions the medium of cellular calls from cellular antennas onto Wi-Fi networks
  • The transition enables Carriers to reduce infrastructure cost and leverage existing Wi-Fi networks
  • Carriers are willing to pay for the use of existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure to avoid the high cost of DAS
  • Wi-Fi also supports much higher bandwidth capability than most 4G cellular networks and can sometimes compete with 5G cellular networks as well
  • Owner / Operators Wi-Fi networks become an extension of the Carriers networks
  • Revenues are passed through to Owner / Operator as a % Rent

  • GPG manages relationship with the Carriers on behalf of the Owner / Operators

  • GPG works alongside Owner / Operator to configure their Wi-Fi to support Carrier Offloading

  • GPG operates and maintains the integration between Owner / Operator and Carriers

  • GPG handles carrier billing, revenue reconciliation, and authentication

Energy Management

We find that many building automation vendors have limited ability to address the necessary business management and decision-making processes that ensure optimal cost savings. GPG can assist its clients with measuring, analyzing and acting on the collected data in order to achieve the projected cost savings. The focus of GPG Managed Services is to address department strategy; organizational structure; operations and procedures; and use of technology to steer the cost savings effort.

Network Management

Having a consistent network and Wi-Fi system is essential to your tenants’ operations. The best type of infrastructure is the type that “just works.” The focus of our network management service is to ensure our client's networks are fully and optimally operational. In addition to monitoring, GPG also coordinates component replacement, upgrades, and modifications. While many see the network as an operational cost, we help our clients find new ways to monetize their infrastructure to generate new revenue streams.

Program Management

It is essential to have a dedicated and knowledgeable team that is able to focus on the following key elements:

  • Performance of the system
  • Coordination with third party vendors
  • Coordination with internal departments such as marketing, leasing, and others

Since our project team is familiar with these components of a project, we ensure the goals and objectives are achieved. In the program management role, we:

  • Recommend and coordinate system improvements
  • Coordinate with third party vendors and internal departments
  • Interact with system users as necessary
  • Handle meter updates, BAS upgrades, and other system component changes